Coleraine Dusk Chorus Walk 16 May 2015

There was an excellent turnout for the walk including one or returnees from the Kilrea Dawn Chorus Walk & Talk two Saturdays before. The blackbirds sang full and loud and were joined by a number of other species including song thrush, willow warbler, robin and blackcap. It was a fine evening. We kept a look out for the kingfisher, and while there was no show, the potential of it, the wish for, kept everybody alert and attuned ….

Setting off …. 

Coleraine Dusk Chorus 1










Searching for clues ….

Coleraine Dusk chorus 3










Going over the details ….

Coleraine Dusk Chorus 2









Thanks to all participants, as well as Bamber, Eddie, and Donna, and  Rachel Bain, Biodiversity Officer for Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council for an enjoyable event for all in a location that was full of surprises.


Photos courtesy of Rachel Bain

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